Monday, August 20, 2012

Living Room Color

I bought a new picture (see old picture here) for over the bookcase in my living room....I really wanted to add more color to this space.  I also picked up some flowers at Michael's.  Summer flowers are on clearance now...for 70% off.  I paid under $4.00 for all the flowers I bought.  A new picture and flowers led to a bit of's a peek at some of the newly arranged "flat surfaces" in my living room.   

I'm going to paint the unfinished part of the birdhouse ($1.00 on clearance at Michael's!) using aqua paint...just a light wash.

This piece of furniture will be getting a paint job soon...probably that green color on the spine of the book to the far right.  Those are old Reader's Digests that I've been buying at the thrift store lately...I love the colorful binding. The book covers are wonderful prints...I'll have to show them off sometime.  The little pot of flowers is also from the clearance aisle at Michael's. 

It's amazing what 50 cents worth of flowers can do..especially when you you get double the pleasure because they're sitting in front of a mirror.

My living room is turning into such a happy place!


Dorthe said...

Yes dear Marie, a colourfull, and happy place, I love the owlpicture-which made the colour scheme for your wonderful living room.
Happy painting :-)

Katherine Thomas said...

A Mason Jar! I love it! So many good ways to use a Mason Jar! These are all so charming, Marie. I'm looking forward to this fall and seeing what your artist's eye and your camera can capture!

Scrap for Joy said...

Your home is bursting with color these days Marie..isn't it great the way we're constantly evolving? The flowers are cheery and I love the little strawberry figure. I think the birdhouse will look super washed in some aqua. Happy Week to you dear friend!

Ann said...

pretty flowers, it all looks great. The new picture you got is great. I love owls. There's something about a clearance sale that always seems to make me happy

Sweet Annabelle said...

I'd like to have a cup of tea and admire your beautiful and restful living room!